The Way of Life
A series of books - featuring Joseph of Arimathea. These books discus the nature of God, the origin of soul, the sphere of light and life after death, parallel worlds, reincarnation and the purpose of life itself.
BIRD - the ultimate illustrated guide
250 Birds of UK and Europe. Fully functional stand-alone application for Mac & PC on CDROM designed and created in FileMaker Pro. Downloadable to iPod classic as a Notes file with linked birsdsongs and illustrations. for Mitchell Beazley (Octopus books)
AMPATICO - mediation training course
'ampatico' The complete introduction to Mediation in the Workplace. 200 pages of carefully designed materials, complete with Personal Plan, Glossary, Continuous assessment and example materials. Produced for Applied Mediation as a self-taught course for professional Workplace Mediation training.
Sinews of Heaven - book by Zanne Findlay
Book illustration and electronic publishing
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