I developed a system for storing indexed databases in the notes application on the iPod classic in early 2007. This could be linked to music files and album artworks as well as providing an easily accessible and updatable offline text resource. It was a fore-runner of the current day 'Apps', but developed for the classic iPod interface.

I approached Mitchell Beazley (Octopus Books) and offered them the opportunity to take the material from one of their existing publications and put it on a database that would be useable on a PC or a Macintosh computer and was downloadable as a field guide on the iPod classic. They agreed and incorporated it into a new publication called "BIRD - the ultimate illustrated guide to the birds of Britain and Europe".

The book was a beautifully produced and illustrated, brand new publication for 2007. The database was constructed in FileMaker Pro and supplied on a CD with the book as a 'stand-alone' database for PC and Mac, complete with illustrations, text and birdsongs for 250 birds. This is also downloadable as an indexed 'notes' file onto the iPod classic, and works on all iPods from the iPod Nano 4G upwards.
The project was a finalist in the 2007 FileMaker cube awards

iBase - bespoke notes generator application developed for transferring a structured and indexed database to the iPod notes section, complete with links to music files (birdsongs) and album covers (bird illustrations). 
This enabled the production of one of the first true 'Apps' for the iPod classic, long before App. development was introduced as an industry standard development process for the iPod touch and iPhone.
Simple instructions for iPod installation and key to symbols used on bird illustrations.
Search page - complete list of 250 birds with name search or filter fields to narrow down selection.
Bird details page - Full text and indexing criteria to classify species. Birdsong playable using QuickTime or linked as a music file (mp3) on the iPod.
FileMaker Cube Awards 2007 - Education category finalist

The ultimate guide to the birds of Britain and Europe
FileMaker development

CDROM containing electronic reference guide containing indexed texts, images and birdsongs for 250 birds for the UK and Europe for Mac, PC and iPod classic. Supplied inside front cover of 'BIRD - the ultimate guide to the birds of Britain and Europe' published by Mitchell Beazley in 2007.

Translated and adapted for French, German & Dutch editions.
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