ampatico by Zanne Findlay
Interactive course in Applied Mediation on CDROM
The complete introduction to Mediation in the Workplace.
200 pages of carefully designed materials, complete with Personal Plan, Glossary, 
Continuous assessment and example materials.
Produced for Applied Mediation as a self-taught course for professional Workplace Mediation training.
Main Menu screen showing 'remote' controller and Personal Plan window for displaying constantly available personalised course progress and notes.
Examples of verbal exchanges in a sample mediation 
Illustration of the wider impact of a dispute
Each section comes with a short quiz summarising some of the points in the section. 
Personal Plan floating window. Shows your progress through the course, a complete log of your actions and any notes that you have taken along the way.
Glossary floating window. Available for instant reference for any of the terminology and expressions used in the material.
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